Chain Breakers — India

CAST Project 02


Protecting girls at risk of slavery and helping rehabilitate freed victims


India has the highest number of slaves in the world. Some become victims due to being poor and the inability to break out from poverty. As hunger and debt grows, children are forced to become bonded slaves and prostitutes.

A typical story is of a girl who lived with her parents and two brothers in a mud-hut. When her father was killed in a motor-accident, her mother was left in deep poverty with three children to care for. The girl could so easily have been sold into bondage, but the Siloam Hostel was there to take in and care for the girl at her mother’s request.

Another child inIndia, an eight year old orphan, was trafficked and forced to work. Rescued by authorities, she has been given supportive rehabilitation by a Christian centre with which we partner. Now, she enjoys a protective home environment, has received medical care, and is benefiting from tutoring.

Join with CAST to change lives. You can protect the vulnerable. Some individuals and groups help sponsor a child at risk for just £10 a month.  (Each child/young person in the hostel benefits from having three sponsors.)

• Other people mobilise with CAST to break the chains of slavery in practical ways such as volunteer work.

• Another CAST goal is to raise £40,000 to build the new Siloam Millennium Hostel, also based in Chennai.  This will house twice as many vulnerable girls.

• The land is available and work has begun, but can go no further until this amount is raised.

• In another area, the authorities bring girls/young women freed from trafficking to a Christian centre for rehabilitation. In this safe and caring environment, they are given physical, emotional and psychological support. The selfless local workers offer everything they can but are sorely in need of funds.


You can make a difference! Please be in touch now. Remember, if you take just two minutes time to act on this, during that short time, somewhere in the world a child will be sold. We may not be able to rescue all of them, but together we can make a difference!

All work is undertaken by local Indian Christians, under the umbrella charity Siloam
Christian Ministries. (Registered under the Charities Act 1960, No. 327396). For more information, please contact us.