‘3-a-day’ is Free Today

CAST Project 01


Use 3 ethically sourced products each day
and start to make the difference of freedom
to the exploited and the captive

While shopping, you can choose between goods supplied by the exploited, or produced by the free.

We at CAST aim to mobilise ethical people, households and churches. We ask you to declare to use three ethically-sourced products in your everyday living.

It can be as simple as buying such items as sugar, tea and chocolate from ethical sources, or using Fairtrade coffee for after-church refreshments.

Results are two-fold:
  • By not buying goods produced by slave labour, simple supply and demand will mean that slave labour will no longer be profitable. This will lead to the liberation of enslaved people.
  • By buying ethically-sourced products, you ensure that your money goes to those who deserve it. You then protect vulnerable people at risk of exploitation/slavery.

By your declaration and many others, we will encourage retailers, both local and global, to embrace ethical trading.

When you contact us with interest, we will use your postcode to:

  • Research retail sources of ethical products in your area.
  • Act in an advocacy role to encourage local retailers to source more ethical items.
  • Provide an information base for ethical people in this area.

(Please note that your details will not be shared with others.)

The wide choice of ethically sourced coffees, fruit and clothing in supermarkets shows that the world is waking up to unfair business practises which make people slaves in their own country.

If you are interested, please contact CAST for a declaration form or more information.

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