Freedom Festival 2012


“Find out how we’re breaking

the bonds of slavery”


Freedom Festival 2012


Birchwood Centre

Muswell Hill, London N10 3BG



22  September 2012

12.30 – 5.00 pm


This community event aims to raise awareness of the shocking reality of slavery today and equip and mobilise others to effectively combat this violation of human rights. Also, the CAST Freedom Festival will celebrate how freedom is being gained for victims through action and advocacy.

Join with CAST to change lives. Opportunities to take part include music, drama, puppetry, teens & 20’s fair fashion show, trying chocolate recipes and crafts – all within the context of working toward freedom for everyone.

Volunteer friends like you can take part now by simply making ‘phone calls or typing, IT, helping with research, design or décor. One very important aspect is advance publicity, involving everything from sending emails to leafleting. On Friday the 21st of September and Saturday the 22nd of September, teams of workers like you are needed to make the Freedom Festival a success.

You can make a difference! Please be in touch now. Remember, if you take just two minutes time to act on this, during that short time, somewhere in the world a child will be sold. We may not be able to rescue all of them, but together we can make a difference!